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About Us

K & H Ainsworth Engineering Pty Limited

Commenced operation as a partnership in 1989. Today the company provides extensive services to the rail industry, wind farms, specialist restoration of heritage equipment and conservation advice to museums and private collectors.


Our Aims

  • To provide superior standards of service and product quality
  • Commitment to improved personal safety and reduction of environmental impact
  • Provide timely delivery on all work undertaken
  • To develop a unique and innovative workplace


Our Environment

We understand that in our industry special attention must be given to environmental impacts that may arise from our workplace and offsite activities for clients. We believe that in our industry clients expect environmentally sound workplace practises and in response to this we aim to monitor the environmental performance of our business.

K & H Ainsworth Engineering will continue to minimise environmental liabilities and maximise the efficient use of resources. We are committed to reduce waste and manage all hazards associated with our operations that may pose a threat to the environment. Our Environmental Policy is a critical statement to help shape our workplace culture. As part of our workplace training employees are encouraged to acknowledge their environmental responsibility and how this relates to their actions in the workplace.


Commitment to Workplace Diversity

At K & H Ainsworth Engineering we value workplace diversity and the inclusion of diverse cultural groups in our company’s operation. We are committed to maintaining cultural awareness of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in the workplace.